About Ray Weaver and Michael Skotte

About Ray Weaver and Michael Skotte

The Weaver/Skotte project began when two accomplished songwriters, Ray Weaver and Michael Skotte, decided to try co-writing.

Weaver, an American living in Denmark, and Skotte, a Dane, had actually first met online before realising that they both lived on the outskirts of Copenhagen. They started to get together to write as often as their busy schedules would allow. The original idea was to write songs with an eye towards getting them recorded by artists in Nashville. As the duo worked together, they found that they had a chemistry, and Michael suggested that they cut the songs themselves and release them as a duo project.

So, Weaver/Skotte was born. And the ‘Trouble You Don’t Need’ EP is now available.

Two pens are better than one
Ray Weaver has a long history as a singer/songwriter and solo performer. His keen eye and sense of detail brings the lyrics and stories within the songs to life. They unfold like a movie or a good book. His expressive and soulful voice makes you want to hang onto every word.

Michael Skotte is a master musician and multi-instrumentalist. Virtually every note of music on ‘Trouble You Don’t Need’ was played and produced by Micheal. His ear for unique up-to-the-minute melodies and song structures are the perfect compliment to Weaver’s lyrics. The songs on ‘Trouble You Don’t Need’ are as current as anything on the modern radio, and yet still have an air of timelessness and history.

Built to last
In this era of ‘here today, gone tonight’ music, these are solid songs and performances guaranteed to stick around for a while.

Weaver and Skotte were joined on the EP by the renowned Danish sax player Jesper Dukholt on the song ‘Naptown Saturday Night’, Weaver’s love song to his hometown in Annapolis, Maryland.

Josef Aarskov supplied the inventive and airtight drumming behind every song. From a whisper in the ballads to bringing the power in the rockers, Josef did it all with style.

The project was mixed and mastered by Peter Brander, one of Denmark’s most experienced and respected producers at his Media Sound Studios in Copenhagen.

Michael and Ray are excited to bring the music to you via ‘Trouble You Don’t Need’.

It is available now at all of the usual download and streaming locations.


Made live to be played live
And they aren’t stopping at the digital borders. This is music made to be played live, and shows are being booked as we speak.